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Inspection Saloon driving car

in both 5" gauge &  7¼" Gauge

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Image courtesy of DuchessofSutherland at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

We recognise that it can often be a problem finding a suitable driving wagon to put behind the locomotive which is your pride and joy, without spoiling the authentic look of the train - particularly in 5" gauge where shorter rolling stock driving wagons make for an uncomfortable driving position!

So with this in mind we will shortly be introducing a product which will solve these problems - an Inspection Saloon driving car.

LMS and GWR variants will be available and, with a manageble overall length of a little over 6'6" in 7 1/4" and 4'6" in 5" gauge, they will sit on the same bogie type as our LMS ride-on coaches, and will be "furnished" with our deep profiled HD foam upholstered roofs, again as used on our ride on coaches.

These provide a comfy ride for both driver an even a passenger (or two in 7 1/4" gauge version) and will look very smart behind your loco, and will not look out of place in a longer train. These Inspection Saloons, having had long and varied use, have seen a number of liveries over the years, and thus will not look out place behind a multitude of locomotives, right up to more modern diesel locos.

Braking will be provided by use of our established caliper and disc brake system on both bogies.

We would welcome expressions of interest to help us gauge initial component production runs - so please feel free to contact us for further information.

The list price for these will be:

5" gauge: £1500.00

7¼" gauge: £2000.00

As an introductory offer we are initially taking orders at the reduced price of:

5" gauge: £1200.00

7¼" gauge: £1600.00

(Note: We reserve the right to withdraw this offer without notice. Prices shown exclude VAT)

GWR Inspection Saloon

GWR Q13 inspection saloon 80976 at Norton Fitzwarren.JPG
By Geof Sheppard - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link